Reusing Symbols

Reusing Symbols

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Reuse Flash Symbols to Save Memory and Processor Resources



Reusing the same symbol several times is a great way to decrease your file sizes. For instance, you may have a wood fence with several fence boards in your scene. By creating a symbol for one of the boards, you can easily drag the board symbol to the stage and assemble the fence. If you wish to change the fence color, simply open the original symbol and change the fill color. All of the fence boards update to the new color.


Step One

Using the Pen tool (p key), draw a fence board shape on the stage.

Step Two

Choose the Paint Bucket tool (k key) and fill the board with a color.

Step Three

With the board selected, convert it to a Movie Symbol by pressing F8 ( Modify > Convert to Symbol ).

Step Four

In the dialog box, name your symbol (board), choose Movie clip for the symbol type and leave the registration point in the upper left corner.

Step Five

Option-drag (PC-Alt-drag) multiple times until you have five fence boards.

Step Six

Double-click one of the boards to enter the symbol edit mode.

Step Seven

Change the board color and return to the main timeline by clicking the Scene icon. All of the boards are updated to the new color.

Smaller Files Means Quicker Delivery

If you can figure ways to keep file sizes small, your content will download faster. Since Flash is famous for small file sizes, why not take advantage of its claim to fame whenever possible?


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