Rotating an Object

Rotating an Object

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Rotate a Flash Object



You can rotate objects with the Transform panel and the Free Transform tool. The object rotates around its pivot point. To move the pivot point see topic, Moving Object Pivot Point.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

With the rectangle selected, select the Free Transform tool (q key).

Step Three

Move the curser near one of the object corners. When the Rotate icon appears, click and drag the object.

Step Four

Choose Window > Transform (Cmd/t (PC-Ctrl/t)) to open the Transform panel.

Step Five

With the object selected, enter a value in the Rotate box.

More Rotation Options

Choose Modify>Transform then select a menu item to Rotate 90 degrees, Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal or Remove Transformation.


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