Saving a Projector File

Saving a Projector File

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Save a Flash Projector File



Once you create your animation, it can be saved in several different formats. One limitation of the .swf format is that it requires the end user to have the Flash Player plug-in.

If you want to create a movie, complete with button interactivity and not be dependent on the Flash Player, a Projector file is a good option. A Projector file is a stand alone application file that can be quite handy when delivering your content on a CD or DVD.


Step One

Create and save a 24 frame Flash animation.

Step Two

Choose File > Publish Settings and click the Formats tab.

Step Three

Click the checkbox next to Windows Projector (.exe) and Macintosh Projector. This will create two projector files (one for PC and one for Mac).

Step Four

Click the Publish button. Your Projector files can be found in the same location as your saved .fla file.

Flash Security Issues

Buttons in a swf file that take the user to a web location can be a problem if your content is delivered on a CD or DVD. The navigation is blocked because the file is part of the local directory structure. Using a Projector file solves this problem and the URL navigation is permitted.