Saving a QuickTime Movie

Saving a QuickTime Movie

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Save a QuickTime Movie in Flash



Once you create your animation, it can be saved in several different formats. QuickTime files are quite versatile and integrate well with numerous programs.


Step One

Create and save a 24 frame Flash animation.

Step Two

Choose File > Export > Export Movie.

Step Three

Choose QuickTime from the pull-down menu and save your movie.

Step Four

In the QuickTime Settings section you can set the frame rate, compression and data rate.

What is Millions+?

In the QuickTime Settings you can set the color depth for your movie. If you choose Millions+, the movie is saved with an alpha channel that defines the non-object areas. To make this feature work you must check the Ignore stage color (generate alpha channel) checkbox in the the QuickTime Export Settings dialog panel.

Render Lock-up

If you accidently place a stop(); ActionScript on any frame, except the last frame, the QuickTime export locks up and will not render. To solve the problem, remove the offending stop(); coding. career skills