Saving and Opening a Template

Saving and Opening a Template

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Create a Flash Template for Future Documents



Templates are time savers if you are using the same layout for multiple .fla files.


Step One

Create a Flash file with several design elements that will be used in multiple documents.

Step Two

Choose File > Save as Template.

Step Three

In the dialog box, add a template name and description.

Step Four

You can choose one of the existing categories or simply type in a new category.

Step Five

To use your template, choose File > New and click the Templates tab. Choose your template from the categories.

Deleting a Template

If you wish to remove a template or category from your computer, do a file search for the category (folder) or template name (.fla file). Once you have found the item simply drag it to the trash. If your template doesn't appear in the search, try enabling system files in your search.