Scaling an Object

Scaling an Object

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Resize a Flash Object



Object scaling can be accomplished using several methods. They include the Properties panel, Free Transform tool or Transform panel.


Step One

Add a rectangular object to the workspace with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Two

Select the rectangle and open the Properties panel (Window > Properties)(Cmd/F3 (PC-Ctrl/F3)). Enter values in the H and W boxes and press Tab or Return. This sets the object height and width.

Step Three

The Lock icon next to the boxes allows you to constrain proportions when scaling.

Step Four

With the object still selected, choose the Free Transform tool (q key).

Step Five

Move your curser to the corner of the rectangle until you see the diagonal arrows, then click-drag to scale your object. Holding the Shift key while scaling constrains proportions.

Step Six

Open the Transform panel by choosing Window > Transform(Cmd/t - PC-Ctrl/t). The object should still be selected.

Step Seven

Enter values in the boxes to define the new size. To maintain object proportions, click the Lock icon.

Scaling the Line Weight

As you scale your object using these methods the line weight never changes. If you want the line weight to change as you scale, first convert your object to a symbol.

Scaling from the Center

Using the Properties panel scales your object from its registration point. By default the registration point is in the upper left corner. For information on moving the registration point, see topic, Setting and Moving Object Registration Point.

If you use the Transform panel, the object scales from the object's pivot point. To move the pivot point, reposition the white dot while using the Free Transform tool.


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