Selecting and Resetting Workspace Layout

Selecting and Resetting Workspace Layout

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Select or Reset Flash Workspace Layout



Flash includes several workspace layouts as standard equipment. You can select one from the workspace menu or build your own.


Step One

Open a new Flash document and choose Designer from the Workspace pull-down menu. The workspace is rearranged.

Step Two

Drag the Color palette tab to separate it from the Swatches panel.

Step Three

Choose Window > Motion Presets to open the Motion Presets panel.

Step Four

Drag the Motion Presets tab to the Properties panel tab to combine the two panels.

Step Five

To save your workspace, choose New Workspace from the Workspace pull-down menu.

Step Six

Give your new workspace a name.

Step Seven

To return to the Designer workspace, choose Designer from the menu.

Step Eight

You can quickly return to your custom workspace by selecting it from the pull-down menu.

Deleting a Workspace

Option One

To delete a workspace, go to the workspace menu and choose Manage Workspaces. Select your workspace in the options box and press Delete.

Option Two

A second way to access the workspaces is to choose Window > Workspace. The same pull-down menu appears.


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