Selecting Multiple Frames and Keyframes

Selecting Multiple Frames and Keyframes

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Select Several Frames and/or Keyframes in Flash



Frames, Keyframes and Tweens can be selected multiple ways.

For this example we will create a document that includes Frames, Keyframes and a Motion Tween.


Step One

In a new Flash document add two additional layers. Name them Top, Middle and Bottom.

Step Two

Click frame one of the Top layer and add a rectangle with the Rectangle tool (r key).

Step Three

Select the rectangle and press F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol.

Step Four

With the rectangle still selected, choose Window > Motion Presets.

Step Five

Open the Default Presets folder, choose a preset and click Apply. In this example, the final frame becomes frame 24.

Step Six

Click the first keyframe of the Middle layer and add a circle with the Oval tool (o key).

Step Seven

Select the last frame of the Middle layer and press F5 to extend the contents.

Step Eight

Click the first frame of the Bottom layer and add a Polystar object.

Step Nine

Click the last frame of the Bottom layer and press F6 to add a new keyframe.

Step Ten

To select all the keyframes of the Motion Tween, click anywhere within the tween.

Step Eleven

To select a range of frames in the Middle or Bottom layer, click frame one, then Shift click the end of the selection.

Step Twelve

To select the contents of all layers, click the first layer name, then Shift click the other layers one at a time.

Step Thirteen

It is also possible to marquee select multiple frames.

Selecting Keyframe Contents

Whenever you click a keyframe, all of the objects for that keyframe are selected.


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