Setting and Moving Object Registration Point

Setting and Moving Object Registration Point

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Set and/or Move Flash Object Registration Point



A symbol's registration point determines it's stage placement, scale center and rotation point in ActionScript. The registration point is different than the pivot point. The pivot point is set when using the Free Transform tool.

Whenever you create a symbol, there is an icon in the dialog box that allows you to set the registration point. If you decide to move the registration point once it is created you will need to follow these steps.


Step One

In a new Flash document, Use the Rectangle tool (r key) to create a shape on the stage.

Step Two

Select the shape and press F8 to convert it to a Movie Symbol.

Step Three

Name your symbol and set the registration to the upper left corner of the symbol.

Step Four

Select the object on the stage and note the small cross hair in the upper left corner of the object.

Step Five

Double-click the object to enter the object editing mode.

Step Six

Drag the rectangle to reposition the registration point.

Step Seven

A quick way to set the registration point to the center of the object is to open the Align panel (Cmd/k (PC - Ctrl/k).

Step Eight

Set the To Stage icon to medium gray and press Align Vertical Center and Align Horizontal Center.

Why Move the Registration Point?

The registration point is used in ActionScript to set the object's scale point, rotation point and placement on the stage. For instance, you may be creating a clock hand. The registration point needs to be near the end to create a realistic hand rotation. career skills