Sharing Objects Between Two Open Docs

Sharing Objects Between Two Open Docs

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Access Content in Multiple Flash Document Libraries



Often times we have symbols and other assets in an existing project that could be used in our current Flash document. The process of importing from the source document involves opening both files, then dragging the asset from the source Library to the destination stage.


Step One

Open an existing Flash .fla file (File > Open) that contains several Library assets.

Step Two

Open a new document by choosing File > New. Save your file and name it Destination.fla. At this point, both files should be open.

Step Three

Open the Library panel (Window > Library or Cmd/L (PC - Ctrl/L) for the Destination file.

Step Four

Select your source document Library from the Library pull-down menu.

Step Five

Drag one or more assets from the source file to the Destination file stage.

Step Six

Select the Destination file from the Library pull-down menu. The new assets were added to your new Library.

Copy / Pasting Between Documents

It is also possible to copy/paste between two Flash documents.

To copy - Cmd/c (PC - Ctrl/c).

To paste - Cmd/v (PC - Ctrl/v).

To paste in place - Cmd/Shift/v (PC - Ctrl/Shift/v)