Simulate Download

Simulate Download

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Simulate Flash Content Download at Various Connection Speeds



As you develop your project, it is important to know how the end user will experience the content delivery. A person with a slower connection has a completely different experience than someone with a blazing fast internet connection.

Using Flash's Simulate Download feature, you will get a feel for each type of connection.


Step One

Open a Flash .fla file that contains several images and symbols.

Step Two

Publish your swf file by choosing Control > Test Movie (Cmd/Return (PC - Ctrl/Enter).

Step Three

Within your swf window, choose View > Download Settings.

Step Four

Choose DSL from the pull-down menu.

Step Five

Press Cmd/Return (PC - Ctrl/Enter) a second time and your swf file simulates a DSL connection. There may be a slight delay before your images appear.

Try the Other Connection Speeds

In this example we chose DSL. The Simulate Download menu lets you experience several other connection speeds.

When Does the Big One Hit?

Another tool available in the View menu is the Bandwidth Profiler. To access the Bandwidth Profiler, choose View > Bandwidth Profiler (Cmd/b (PC - Ctrl/b)). Simulate your movie download again an notice which frames contain the bottlenecks.

Preloaders are our Friends

With the Simulate Download feature, you can see what your user experience is based on his/her connection speed. Consider using a preloader to let the user know that something is coming so don't go away. for more information, see preloader topics in the Flash ActionScript section of this site.