Tint Tween

Tint Tween

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Animate Object Color in Flash



A Tint Tween uses a Classic Tween or Motion Tween to change a symbol's tint over time. You could start with a green object, set the first keyframe to gray and the last keyframe to blue and your object would fade from gray to blue. The green color would never appear. For more information on Classic Tweens and Motion Tweens, see topics, Classic Tween and Motion Tween.


Step One

Add an oval shape to the stage using the Oval tool (o key).

Step Two

With the oval shape selected, convert it to a Movie Symbol (F8)(Modify > Convert to Symbol).

Step Three

Click frame 20 of and press F6 (Insert > Timeline > Keyframe).

Step Four

Right-click the timeline between your keyframes and choose Create Classic Tween from the pull-down menu.

Step Five

Click the keyframe at frame one, then click the oval object.

Step Six

Open the Properties panel (Cmd/F3 (PC-Ctrl/F3)), Color Effect section and select Tint from the Style menu.

Step Seven

Click the color swatch and pick a shade of gray.

Step Eight

To render your swf file, press Cmd/Return (PC-Ctrl/Enter).

More Options

In addition to selecting a color, you can also vary the tint amount from 0% to 100%.


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