Top Ten Topics

Top Ten Topics

Flash CS4 Tutorial


Top Ten Flash Topics



Because of the complexity and depth of Flash CS4, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. This list should help to simplify the process as you begin your journey.


Topic #1 Interface Overview

Explains interface layout. See topic, Interface Overview.

Topic #2 Importing to Library

A must for importing external images and Illustrator files into your Flash project. See topic, Importing to Library.

Topic #3 Create Text

Covers adding text objects to the stage. See topic, Create Text.

Topic #4 Movie Symbol Basics

Symbols are the center of the Flash universe. They are created once and reused over and over. See topic, Movie Symbol Basics.

Topic #5 Button Symbol Basics

Buttons have three visible states, Up, Over and Down. They are necessary for the end user to navigate throughout your project. The forth state, Hit determines the button's "hot" area. See topic, Button Symbol Basics.

Topic #6 Merge Shape

Merge Shapes are unique to Flash and can be quite powerful once you understand how they work. See topic, Merge Shape.

Topic #7 Drawing Object

Drawing objects are similar to Illustrator objects. See topic, Drawing Object.

Topic #8 Add a Keyframe

Keyframes are added at various points on the timeline. Whenever the timeline hits a keyframe, the new content appears. See topic, Add a Keyframe.

Topic #9 Motion Tween

The new and improved Motion Tween was introduced to Flash in CS4. The Motion Tween in previous versions became the Classic Tween. See topic, Motion Tween.

Topic #10 Drawing with the Pen Tool

Whether you work in Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash, you can't create without the Pen tool. See topic, Drawing with the Pen Tool.

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