Updating Images

Updating Images

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Update External Images in Flash



Imported images often need editing once they are in the library. The Update button in the image dialog box allows you to reload your externally updated image file. Once updated, the authoring environment and rendered swf movie reflect the changes.


Step One

Select a keyframe on the timeline and add an external image to the stage by selecting File > Import > Import to Stage (Cmd/r (PC-Ctrl/r)).

Step Two

Using Photoshop, open the original file and edit the file (i.e., levels, convert to black and white, etc.).

Step Three

Save your changes (File > Save) and close your image file.

Step Four

Returning to Flash, open the Library (Window > Library).

Step Five

Double-click the bitmapped image icon to open the dialog box.

Step Six

The dialog box provides information about the image such as its location and size.

Step Seven

Click the Update button and the image is reloaded into Flash with the recent changes.

Using the Import Button

This dialog box also includes an Import button. Click the Import button If you wish to replace your image with a different one.


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