Version Detection

Version Detection

Flash CS4 Tutorial


How to Detect the User's Flash Player Version



In Flash's authoring environment you can save your swf files so they work with various Flash player versions. To set the desired version, choose File > Publish Settings. Click the Flash tab and select the Player version number from the pull-down menu.

Once you have set the version for your project, you need to make sure that the end user has a player that supports your animation. Including version detection in your html page checks the end user's Flash player version and displays a message if the player needs updating.


Step One

Open a new Flash document and add an object with the Oval tool (o key).

Step Two

Save your fla file in a project folder and choose File > Publish Settings.

Step Three

Click the Flash tab and select Flash Player 9 from the Player pull-down menu.

Step Four

Click the HTML tab and click Detect Flash Version. Notice that the version reflects your setting from the Flash tab.

Step Five

Click the Formats tab and select both Flash (.swf) and HTML (.html).

Step Six

Click the Publish button. Your swf and html files are saved in your project folder. If you attempt to open the html page in a browser with an older Flash Player, you will see an incompatible Flash Player notice.

Flash Player Trade-offs

By choosing a lower Flash Player version, you can increase your audience size. Unfortunately, this also limits your creative choices because there are several features that were added to Flash in the later versions.

For instance, by saving your swf file as Flash Player 8, it no longer supports ActionScript 3.0.

Version Detection in Dreamweaver

Current versions of Dreamweaver also include version detection for your flash content.

How Do You Know the Exact Version You Are Creating?

You can use this method to determine the exact version you are creating in Flash. For instance the pull-down menu (Step Three), might say Flash Player 10. However, to find the exact version, take a look at step four. The actual version might be 10.0.2.