2D Textures

2D Textures

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add 2D Textures to Maya Objects



Maya includes several 2D textures that you can use on your models. Whenever you add a 2D texture, you can choose between UV or Projection mapping.

The 2D textures reside in the Create Render Node panel in the 2D Textures section. Common 2D textures include, Checker, File, Fractal, Grid, Movie, Noise and Ramp.

In this example, we'll assign a Checker 2D texture to a polygon plane.


Step One

Add a polygon plane to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane.

Step Two

With the plane selected, right-click the plane and choose Assign New Material, then click Blinn.

Step Three

Select the plane and open the Attribute Editor, Blinn tab. Click the checkerbox next to the Color slider to add a texture to the shader's color node.

Step Four

In the Create Render Node, left panel click 2D Textures in the Maya section.

Step Five

In the right panel, right click Checker and choose Create Texture. This applies the Checker texture as a UV texture. If you were to left click the Checker button, it might have been applied as a projection or stencil.

Step Six

Press the 4 key, 5 key then the 6 key to display your plane in wireframe, smooth shade and texture mode.

Step Seven

Click the Render Current Frame icon to see your new 2D texture.

Texture and Light Preview

In Step Six we cycled through three of the preview choices. You can also press the 7 key to see a light preview.

Preview Shortcuts:

4 = wireframe

5 = shaded

6 = textures

7 = lights

Changing the Texture Scale

To make your texture repeat more times on the object, open the Attribute Editor, place2dTexture tab. Increase the Repeat UV values and the texture is scaled up or down.

Setting the Default Projection Type

In Step Five we right-clicked the Checker button and choose Create Texture. This applied the texture as a UV Mapped texture. If you left click any of the 2D Textures, the texture is applied based on the default Maya 2D Texture setting.

To specify a default setting of UV, Projection or Stencil, open the Hypershade panel. From the Hypershade panel menu choose Create > 2D Textures > 2D Normal (UV), 2D Projection or 2D Stencil. The next time you select a 2D Texture and left-click the button (i.e., Checker), it will be added based on your default setting.