3D Painting

3D Painting

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to 3D Paint an Object in Maya



Painting in 3D is a great way to texturize your objects. Once you activate the 3D Paint tool and assign a texture, you are free to start painting your masterpiece.


Step One

Start a new project and save your scene. For more information, see topic, Starting a Project.

Step Two

Add a polygon sphere to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere.

Step Three

With the sphere selected, right-click the sphere and choose Assign New Material, then select Blinn.

Step Four

Choose Texturing > 3D Paint Tool (include options) from the Rendering menu set.

Step Five

In the tool options, open the File Textures section and choose Attribute to Paint: Color.

Step Six

Click the Assign/Edit Textures button to create your new texture map.

Step Seven

In the dialog box set your x and y size values for your image. If you plan on editing the image in Photoshop, choose tif or jpg for the Image Format. Click the Assign/Edit Textures button.

Step Eight

Open the 3D Paint Tool's Color section and click the color rectangle to select a new paint color.

Step Nine

Move your curser over the sphere and note the circle to indicate the brush size. To change the brush size, hold the b key and drag left and right.

Step Ten

Click and drag to paint the sphere.

Step Eleven

To adjust the brush opacity, open the 3D Paint Tool's Color section and move the Opacity slider.

Step Twelve

To save your new texture, click the Save Textures button in the 3D Paint Tool, File Textures section.

Where's My Texture?

In Step Twelve, the new texture map is saved in your project's sourceimages folder, inside the 3dPaintTextures folder.

More Than Just Color

In this example, we only painted the Color map. You can also assign maps in the 3D Paint Tool, File Textures section to paint the Transparency, Incandescence, Bump, Specular, Reflectivity, Ambient, Diffuse, Translucence and Reflected Color.

Each time a new map is saved, it is connected to the respective node of the Blinn Shader.


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