3D Textures

3D Textures

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add 3D Textures to Objects in Maya



In Maya you can add 2D and 3D textures to your objects. The 3D textures are unique in the way they project onto your object as a 3D texture. For instance, if your shape has a stair-step cut out, the texture will follow the object contour.


Step One

Add a polygon cube to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube (include options).

Step Two

In the options, set the Height, Width, Depth and Divisions to 2. Click Create to add your cube.

Step Three

Right-click the cube and choose Face from the menu.

Step Four

Click one of the top faces to select it.

Step Five

Choose Edit Mesh > Extrude from the Polygons menu set.

Step Six

Drag the selected face upward in the y direction. Press the q key to exit the Extrude mode.

Step Seven

Right-click the object and choose Object Mode from the menu, then click the object to select it.

Step Eight

Right-click the object and choose Assign New Material, then click Blinn.

Step Nine

With the object selected and the Attribute Editor open, click the Blinn tab. Click the checkerbox next to the Color slider.

Step Ten

In the Create Render Node, 3D Textures section, click the Marble button.

Step Eleven

Add a light to the scene and click the Render Current Frame icon to see your new texture. Notice that the texture is continuous from face to face.

Adjusting the Texture

As you added the Marble in Step Ten, a place3dTexture object was added to the scene. By selecting the place3dTexture object, you can move, scale and rotate it to change the texture placement.

To keep the texture from moving as you animate your object, you may want either make the place3dTexure object a child of the main object or bake the texture. For more information on texture baking, see topic, Baking Textures.


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