Add a Basic Camera

Add a Basic Camera

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Camera in Maya



When you first open Maya, there are four view ports; top, side, front and perspective. The top, side and front are orthographic views with no vanishing points. By adding cameras you can save views and create stunning camera moves.


Step One

To add a camera, choose either Create > Camera or Create > Camera and Aim. For this topic we will choose Camera and Aim. Be sure to select the camera options.

Step Two

In the options window select an appropriate focal length. 35 is wide angle, 50 to 105 is normal and 200 or over gives you a telephoto lens. Click Create to accept the settings.

Step Three

In the workspace select the Move tool to move the camera, look-at point or both.

Step Four

Open the Outliner (Window > Outliner), double click your new camera object and name it.

Step Five

To see your scene from the new camera's perspective, go to one of the view ports and select Panels > Perspective and select your new camera.

Plenty of Camera Options

Open the camera options and you will see several similarities to a physical camera. In addition to focal length, you can also set the f stop to control depth of field and focus distance.


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