Add and Delete Curve Points

Add and Delete Curve Points

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add and Delete Maya Curve Object Points



There are times when you wish to lengthen a curve by adding more points and extending the curve. This is accomplished with the Add Points Tool.


You may also want to change the total number of Control Vertices used to describe the curve. For this operation you would use the Rebuild Curve menu item.


Step One

Enable the CV Curve tool by choosing Create > CV Curve (include options). The Curve Degree should be set to 3 Cubic.

Step Two

Add a curve to the workspace by clicking six times to define the curve. Press the Enter key to accept your curve.

Step Three

With the curve selected, choose Edit Curves > Add Points Tool from the Surfaces menu set.

Step Four

The last point of your original curve is highlighted. Click once to extend the existing curve and add a new Control Vertex, then press Enter.

Step Five

With the curve selected, open the Attribute Editor and click the Curve Shape tab.

Step Six

Note that the Spans value is four. In other words, the curve has seven points (four spans). The first two spans aren't counted

Step Seven

To add more Spans and Control Vertices to the curve, select the curve and choose Edit Curves > Rebuild Curve from the Surfaces menu set. Be sure to include the options.

Step Eight

Change the Number of Spans to eight, then click the Rebuild button.

Step Nine

Right-click the curve and choose Control Vertex from the menu. The curve now has eleven vertices and eight spans.

Step Ten

To remove a specific Control Vertex, click the vertex and press the Delete key.

Why is this Important?

Curves are the building blocks to Polygon and Nurbs objects. The number of vertices in a curve determine the final geometry. Often times with Nurbs you work with a series of Nurbs patches. To join multiple patches, the geometry must match.

Rebuild Up or Down

You can use the Rebuild Curve menu item to either increase or decrease the number of Curve Vertices.