Adding a Substance Texture

Adding a Substance Texture

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add  a Substance Texture in Maya



Substance textures provide another option when creating textures in Maya. Maya ships with several Substance textures that are automatically loaded on your computer when you installed your Maya software. The can be found in the substances folder, inside the Autodesk directory. The Autodesk directory is also the location of the Maya program.

The default substances include material such as, concrete, grass, metal, tile and roof material.


Step One

Add a polygon plane to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane.

Step Two

Select the plane, then right-click the plane and choose Assign New Material > Blinn.

Step Three

In the Attribute Editor, click the checkbox next to the Blinn Color slider.

Step Four

In the 2D Textures section, right click the Substance button and choose Create Texture.

Step Five

In the Attribute Editor, Substance tab, click the folder icon next to the heading Substance file.

Step Six

Navigate to the substances folder (inside the Autodesk folder) and select the Bronze_Copper.sbsar file. Click the Open button.

Step Seven

Click the Render Current Frame icon to see your texture. The render type should be set to Maya Software.

Step Eight

With the object still selected, open the Substance tab in the Attribute Editor.

Step Nine

Open the Substance Parameters section and change the Tile setting to four. The plane in now covered with 16 tiles.

Substance Options

In this topic we changed the number of tiles in the Substance Parameters section. There are several other sliders allowing you to adjust the Hue, Saturation, Luminosity, etc. The options vary, depending on the Substance. For instance, the Tile slider used in this topic doesn't appear with all Substances.


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