Adding Barn Doors

Adding Barn Doors

Maya 2012 Tutorial

How to Add Light Barn Doors in Maya



The Barn Doors can be added to spot lights to reshape the light. The clip the edges of the round spot light shape to form a rectangle or square. This technique may be helpful to simulate light from a door crack or other rectangular shape.


Step One

Add a plane to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane.

Step Two

Add a spot light by choosing Create > Lights > Spot Light.

Step Three

Position the light above the plane so it illuminates the top face of the plane.

Step Four

With the light selected, open the Attribute Editor. and increase the Cone Angle to 90.

Step Five

Open the Light Effects section and select the Barn Doors checkbox.

Step Six

Click the IPR Render icon and drag a marquee in the rendered image to specify a real time render area.

Step Seven

Change the Barn Door values to reshape your light.

White Light Can be Boring

The default light color in Maya is white. Consider changing the light color to alter the mood of your scene. career skills