Adding Density to a Polygon Mesh

Adding Density to a Polygon Mesh

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Density to a Maya Polygon Object



Polygon mesh density can be added to individual faces or the entire object. If you are working with a polygon primitive object, you can access it's create node in the Channel Box or Attribute Editor and increase the mesh settings. To add density to specific faces, first select the faces, then use the Add Divisions feature.


Step One

Add a polygon plane to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane (include options).

Step Two

In the plane options set the Width, Height, Width Divisions and Height Divisions to 1. Click the Create button.

Step Three

Select the plane and open the Channel Box. Click polyPlane1 in the Inputs section.

Step Four

You can add move divisions by increasing the Height Divisions and Width Divisions to 4.

Step Five

Right-click the plane and choose Face from the menu. Click one of the faces to select it.

Step Six

Choose Edit Mesh > Add Divisions (include options) from the Polygons menu set.

Step Seven

Change Division Levels to 2 and click Add Divisions. The selected face now has 16 faces.

Step Eight

Another way to add density is Edge Loops. Choose Edit Mesh > Insert Edge Loop Tool from the Polygons menu set.

Step Nine

Click on one of the edges and an Edge Loop is added.

Reducing the Density

To simplify a polygon mesh, choose Mesh > Reduce (include options) from the Polygons menu set.


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