Adding Faces to Polygon

Adding Faces to Polygon

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Adds Polygon Faces to Maya Object



One method of building a complex polygon object is to start with a single polygon and add faces by building outward one face at a time. Another method is to extrude edges. For more information on extruding, see topic, Extruding Polygon Edges.


Step One

Using the Polygons menu set choose Mesh > Create Polygon Tool and draw a four sided polygon. Click in a counter-clockwise direction. Press the Enter key to close the polygon. By drawing the polygon in a counter-clockwise direction, the object's front face points towards you.

Step Two

With your object selected, choose Edit Mesh > Append to Polygon Tool and click on the source edge that you will be adding to.

Step Three

Notice that the edge displays a starting point and shows the direction of the selected edge. Click in a counter-clockwise direction to add points two and three.The object displays a dotted line to show you how the new polygon will be closed. If you are satisfied with the suggestion, press the Enter key to close the polygon.

Building Geometrics

To construct geometric shapes, activate the snap to Grid feature before using the Append to Polygon Tool.