Adding Objects to Layers

Adding Objects to Layers

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Objects to Layers in Maya


Layers are a great organization tool in Maya. You can quickly break your scene into a series of logical layers. For more layer information, see topics, Layer Visibility and Render Layers.   This topic explains how to add a new layer, then add objects to your layer.

Step One

Add a polygon pyramid and and a polygon sphere to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Pyramid and Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere.

Step Two

Open the Channel Box and click the Display tab in the lower section of the panel. This shows the Display layers.

Step Three

Select the sphere and choose Layers > Create New Layer from Selected. The sphere is added to the new layer.

Step Four

Double-click the layer name and change the layer name to sphere.

Step Five

To add another layer for the pyramid, select the pyramid and choose Layers > Create Empty Layer.

Step Six

Rename the new layer, pyramid.

Step Seven

With the pyramid object still selected, right-click the pyramid layer name. Choose Add Selected Objects from the pull-down menu.

Removing an Object from a Layer

To remove an object from a layer, select the object in the workspace, right-click the layer name and choose Remove Selected Objects.

Icon Option

Instead of using the pull-down menu, you can click the icons in the upper right corner of the layer panel to either Create a New Layer or Create a New Layer and Assign Selected Objects.

Changing the Layer Order

To change the layer order, middle-mouse drag the layer to a new position in the stack. You can also select a layer and click the Move Selection Up in List or Move Selection Down in List icons in the upper right corner of the Layer panel.


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