Animating a Procedural Texture

Animating a Procedural Texture

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Animate a Procedural Texture in Maya



Procedural Textures are generated mathematically and don't rely on bitmapped images. This means that they can be scaled without falling apart and because of the calculations they can become processor intensive.

In Maya you have several options for Procedural Textures. They include Bulge, Checker, Cloth, Fractal, Grid, Mountain, Noise, Ocean, Water, Brownian, Cloud, Crater, Granite, Leather, Marble, Rock, Snow, Solid Fractal, Stucco, Volume Noise and Wood.

In this example we will add a ripple effect on a polygon plane object.


Step One

Add a polygon plane object by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane. Make sure to select the options.

Step Two

In the options, set the plane to 10 units for both Width and Height, then click Create.

Step Three

Right-click the plane and choose Assign New Material, Blinn.

Step Four

Select the plane and open the Attribute Editor, blinn tab. Set the color to a light blue.

Step Five

Click the checkerbox for the Bump Mapping attribute.

Step Six

Right click Water in the 2D Textures section and choose Create Texture.

Step Seven

In the Attribute Editor, click the triangle next to Bump Value to access the water1 settings. You can also click the water1 tab at the top of the panel.

Step Eight

In the Water Attributes section, set the Wave Amplitude to zero.

Step Nine

Open the Concentric Ripple Attributes section and set the Ripple Amplitude to 5.

Step Ten

With the timeline set to frame one, right-click the words Ripple Time and choose Set Key.

Step Eleven

Move the timeline to frame 24, and change the Ripple Time value to 1. Right-click the words Ripple Time and choose Set Key.

Step Twelve

Make sure that you have set your project and saved your scene. Render the animation to see the effect. For more information on rendering a movie, see topic, Rendering a Movie.

Everything is Animatable

In this example we animated the Ripple Time attribute. You can set keys for any of the texture attributes by right-click the attribute name and choosing Set Key