Attach Two Subdiv Surfaces

Attach Two Subdiv Surfaces

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Connect Two Subdiv Objects in Maya



Using this modeling technique, you can create your model as a series of Subdiv sections. The sections are then joined to for one continuous surface. In this example we are starting with an existing Subdiv Surface. For information on creating a Subdiv Surface, see topic; Converting Polygons to Subdiv.


Step One

Add a Subdiv object to the workspace. For this exercise you could also use a Subdiv Primitive Plane (Create > Subdiv Primitive > Plane).

Step Two

Duplicate your object (Edit > Duplicate) and move (w key) the duplicate next to the original.

Step Three

Select both objects and choose Subdiv Surfaces > Attach (with options) from the Surfaces menu set.

Step Four

In the options, increase the Threshold if the edges of the two objects are slightly separated. Deselect the Keep Originals if you have no use for the original objects.

Similar Geometry

To use the Attach menu item, both objects must have the same edge count (divisions) for the edges you wish to merge.


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