Attaching Nurbs Surfaces

Attaching Nurbs Surfaces

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Combine Two Nurbs Surfaces in Maya



One method of modeling involves building and reshaping a series of Nurbs objects. For object continuity, the individual objects or patches must be joined together to form a single continuous object.


Step One

Create a Nurbs Plane by choosing Create > Nurbs Primitives > Plane. Select the options and set the U Patches and V Patches to three in each direction. Set the Width and Length to six units.

Step Two

With the plane selected, choose Edit > Duplicate. Move the second plane next to the first.

Step Three

Select the first plane, then shift select the second. Using the Surfaces menu set, choose Edit Nurbs > Attach Surfaces. Select the Attach Surfaces options.

For this step you could also select Edit Nurbs > Attach Without Moving just below the Attach Surfaces menu item.

Step Four

In the options you can Connect or Blend the objects. You can also choose to Keep Originals. Press Attach to combine the objects. If you have the Outliner (Window > Outliner) open during this process you can see how the objects are created and what happens to the originals.

Attaching Similar Geometry

For Nurbs to attach properly, make sure the objects have matching U and V patch geometry. For example, in this topic, the joining edges had three matching patches on the connection edge.


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