Breaking Texture into Texture Sets

Breaking Texture into Texture Sets

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Series of Maya Texture Maps, One for each Polygon Object Texture



Objects can have a single UV map or be broken into several UV texture sets. One advantage to working with sets is that you can assign images with various resolutions to the different parts of the object.

In this example, we will create a polygon plane with two faces. We will then create three texture sets. They will be named, faceA, faceB and bothFaces.


Step One

Create a new project, set your project and save a new scene in the scenes folder. For more information, see topic, Starting a Project.

Step Two

Add a polygon plane to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane (include options).

Step Three

In the options, set the Width to 2, Height to 1, Width Divisions to 2 and Height Divisions to 1. Click Create to add your plane.

Step Four

In the top view, right-click the plane and choose Face from the menu items. Press the 5 key to see your object in Smooth Shade mode, then click the left face to select it.

Step Five

From the Polygons menu set, choose Create UVs > Planer Mapping (include options).

Step Six

In the options select Best Plane, Keep Image Width/Height Ratio and Create new UV Set.

Step Seven

Change Set Name to faceA, then press the Project button.

Step Eight

Repeat steps four through seven with the right face and name the set faceB.

Step Nine

Right click the object and choose Object Mode. Click away from the object, then click it to select the entire object.

Step Ten

Choose Window > UV Texture Editor. Inside the UV Texture Editor, you can choose between the UV texture sets with the UV Sets menu item. You should see three UV Sets, faceA, faceB and map 1. Select map 1.

Step Eleven

Choose Polygons > Rename Current UV Set and change name to bothFaces, then click the Rename Current button. Your object now has three UV Texture sets. To add textures to faceA and faceB, see topic Adding Textures to UV Texture Sets.

Deleting a UV Texture Set

If you need to delete a UV texture set, choose the texture set from the UV Sets menu. From the Polygons menu set, choose Delete Current UV Set.