Choosing a Camera

Choosing a Camera

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Choose a Camera in Maya



Once you add a camera to your scene, the next step is to set one of the view ports to the new camera's perspective.


Step One

Add a polygon helix to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Helix.

Step Two

Add a camera by selecting Create > Cameras > Camera.

Step Three

In the top view, select the Move tool (w key) and move the camera backwards away from the helix.

Step Four

To change your perspective view to your new camera's view, go to the perspective view panel and choose Panels > Perspective > Your New Camera Name. You are now seeing the scene from your new camera's perspective.

What's the New Camera Name?

Whenever you add a camera to the scene, Maya assigns it a name automatically. You can view the camera name in the Outliner (Window > Outliner). You can also use the Outliner to change the name to something a bit more useful.

A second way to view and change a camera name is to select the camera, then open the Channel Box. By clicking it's name in the Channel Box you can edit the camera's name.