Combining Multiple Polygon Objects

Combining Multiple Polygon Objects

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Combine Multiple Polygon Objects into a Single Maya Polygon Object



It is often handy to merge two separate polygon objects into a single polygon mesh.


Step One

Move polygon objects close to each other. Shift click to select both objects and combine them into one object (Mesh > Combine) from the Polygons menu set.

Step Two

Align the points and edges that will be joined together in Component Mode. Use the Snap to Point feature (v key) to snap to point while moving points.

Step Three

Select the object and choose the Merge tool ( Edit Mesh > Merge) from the Polygons menu set. Set Threshold Distance in options if necessary.

Similar Geometry

For continuity across the mesh, the vertex count on the combining edges should be equal. In this example each edge has three vertex points.

Gaps Between Combined Shapes

In this example, the objects were Combined and Merged. You can also combine objects that have a gap between them. For instance, you could create a fence made of several individual boards. By selecting all the boards and choosing Mesh > Combine, the fence would become one object, making it easier for texturing and manipulating. In this example it is useless to perform the Merge command because the boards don't share any common edges or vertices.