Connecting Object Movement with Set Driven Key

Connecting Object Movement with Set Driven Key

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Use Set Driven Key Feature to Connect Object Movement in Maya



You may have an animation where the movement or rotation of one object is tied to the movement of a second object. Using the Set Driven Key feature you can connect the two objects. Once you animate the objects, you can tweek the first object in the Graph Editor and the other object follows.


In this example we will add a cylinder. As the cylinder rotates, a cube is being lifted in the scene.


Step One

Add a polygon cylinder and cube to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Cylinder and Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube.

Step Two

Use the Move tool (w key) to move the cube in the positive x direction.

Step Three

Select the cube and choose Animate > Set Driven Key > Set from the Animation menu set.

Step Four

In the Driven section click Translate Y.

Step Five

Click the cylinder and press the Load Driver button. Click Rotate Y in the Driver section.

Step Six

Click the Key button and the two objects are now in sync. Whenever the cylinder's Rotate Y is at zero, the cube's Translate Y value will also be zero because that is their current position.

Step Seven

Select the cylinder and open the Channel Box. Change the Rotate Y value to 720 then press Enter + Esc.

Step Eight

Select the cube and open the Channel Box. Change the Translate Y value to 10 then press Enter + Esc.

Step Nine

Press the Key button. Whenever the cylinder is rotated to 720 degrees, the cube will be lifted to the up position.

Step Ten

With the Rotate tool (e key) selected, click the cylinder. Try rotating the cylinder about the y axis. As you rotate the cylinder, the cube moves up and down.

Check Out the Options

In addition to translate and rotate, you can also set up relationships with scale and visibility.