Converting a Sphere to a Capsule

Converting a Sphere to a Capsule

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Capsule Shape from a Sphere Primitive in Maya



Modeling by starting with primitives is a quick way to create objects in Maya.

In this example, we will start with a polygon sphere, add some edge loops, move some vertices and end up with a capsule.


Step One

Add a polygon sphere to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere (include options).

Step Two

In the options, set the Radius to 1 and Divisions to 20 in both directions. Press Create to add your sphere.

Step Three

To add two Edge Loops, choose Edit Mesh > Offset Edge Loop Tool from the Polygons menu set.

Step Four

In the front view, click and drag the sphere equator to add two Edge Loops, one above and one below.

Step Five

Press the q key to exit from the Offset Edge Loop Tool . Right-click the sphere and choose Vertex.

Step Six

Marquee select all the vertices above the equator.

Step Seven

Using the Move tool (w key) move all the selected vertices in the positive y direction.

Step Eight

Repeat the process with the vertices below the center line and drag them downward in the negative y direction

Step Nine

Add a texture to your object , then click the Render Current Frame icon to see your new capsule.

Splitting the Capsule Open

If you want to open the capsule and create two halves (upper and lower), right-click the capsule and choose Edge. With the Select tool (q key), double-click one of the equator edges to select the entire equator and choose Edit Mesh > Detach Component from the Polygons menu set.

Right-click the object and choose Object Mode. Select the object and choose Mesh > Separate from the Polygons menu set. You now have two separate objects.


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