Converting a Subdiv Object to a Polygon Object

Converting a Subdiv Object to a Polygon Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Convert a Subdiv Object Back to Its Original Polygon Mesh in Maya



It is common to work with different object types in Maya and convert your objects back and forth (i.e., subdiv to polygons).


Step One

To add a subdiv cube primitive, choose Create > Subdiv Primitives > Cube.

Step Two

Subdiv objects are defined by a polygon cage object.

In other words, the subdiv shape is determined by the shape of the cage polygon. To view the polygon object, choose Subdiv Surfaces > Polygon Proxy Mode from the Surfaces menu set.

Step Three

To convert the object back to the base polygon object, choose Modify > Convert > Subdiv to Polygons (include options).

Step Four

Select Vertices and click Convert.

The Cube's Edges Look Rounded

In this example you may notice that the new polygon appears to have rounded edges in Step Four. Select the cube, and choose Normals > Harden Edge from the Polygon menu set.

Viewing Subdiv, Polygon or Both

By choosing Polygons and/or Subdiv Surfaces from the view panel's Show menu, you can see the Polygon cage, Subdiv Surface or both. To see the Polygon object, you need to be in the Polygon Proxy Mode (Step Two).


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