Copy Paste Keyframes

Copy Paste Keyframes

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Copy Paste Keyframes on the Maya Timeline



Copying and pasting keyframes can be helpful while building your animations. By selecting a keyframe in the Timeline and copying a keyframe, you copy all of the keyed attributes at that time. If you select a new time and paste the keyframe, all the attributes are now pasted at the new time.


Step One

Add a sphere by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere.

Step Two

With the sphere selected, click frame one of the timeline and press Shift + w. This sets keys for translate x, y and z.

Step Three

Click frame 24 of the timeline and move your object to a new location. Press Shift + w to set another keyframe.

Step Four

Click frame 11, move your object and press Shift + w.

Step Five

Right-click the keyframe at frame 11 and choose Copy by left clicking the word Copy.

Step Six

Left click frame 13 to select frame 13, then right-click frame 13 and choose Paste > Paste by left clicking the word. The attributes from frame 11 are now copy / pasted to frame 13.

Step Seven

Play your animation and notice that the sphere pauses from frames 11 to 13.

Step Eight

To remove the keyframe at frame 13, right-click the frame and choose Cut or Delete by left clicking the word.

Which Attributes are Copy / Pasted?

Using this method, the translate, rotate, scale and visibility attributes are copy / pasted.