Creating a Dimmer for Multiple Lights

Creating a Dimmer for Multiple Lights

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Light Dimmer for Multiple Lights in Maya



Let's say you have a scene with five lights. All the lights have the same intensity setting. It would be great if you could adjust the intensity slider of light number one and have the remaining lights dim at the same rate. By connecting the lights, you would only need to add keys to the controlling light.

In this example we will create a scene with two lights. As you adjust the first light's intensity, the second light adjusts as well.


Step One

Add a polygon plane to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane.

Step Two

Add two spotlights to the scene by choosing Create > Lights > Spot Light.

Step Three

Using the Move tool (w key), position the lights so they illuminate different sections of the plane.

Step Four

Select the perspective window, then click the Render Current Frame icon to verify that your lights are working properly.

Step Five

Open the Outliner by choosing Window > Outliner.

Step Six

Select Shapes in the Display menu. Click the plus icon next to both lights to reveal each light's shape object.

Step Seven

Click spotLightShape1, then Cmd-click (PC - Ctrl-click) spotLightShape2.

Step Eight

Choose Window > General Editors > Connection Editor.

Step Nine

In the editor, spotLightShape1 should be in the left column and spotLightShape2 should occupy the right.

Step Ten

Scroll down in each of the columns to reveal the word intensity. Click the word intensity in the left column, then repeat the process with the word intensity in the right column. Both words should turn blue.

Step Eleven

Return to the workspace and click spotLight1, then open the Attribute Editor.

Step Twelve

As you adjust the Intensity slider, both lights respond.

The Hypergraph Method

You can also select an object's shape node by selecting the object and opening the Hypergraph (Window > Hypergraph: Connections).


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