Creating a Polygon with a Hole

Creating a Polygon with a Hole

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Polygon with a Hole in Maya



It is quite easy to create a simple polygon by using the Create Polygon Tool. By default a closed polygon shape has a solid face. This technique is handy for creating 2D polygon shapes with holes.


Step One

Using the Polygons menu set choose Mesh > Create Polygon Tool.

Step Two

In one of the orthographic views (Top, Side or Front), click multiple times to define the object vertices. Click in a counter-clockwise direction for the object to be face-up. If your object has four vertices, click each of the four points. Do not press the Enter key.

Step Three

Holding down the Ctrl key (Mac or PC) click the first vertex that defines the hole. Release the Ctrl key and click the remaining hole vertices.

Step Four

When you have clicked the final hole vertex, press the Enter key. This object may now be given depth using the Extrude tool (see topic, Extruding Polygon Faces).

Multiple Hole Objects

Using this same technique you can create multiple holes in an object by pressing and holding the Ctrl key as you start each new hole.


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