Creating a Polygon

Creating a Polygon

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Single Closed Polygon in Maya



Polygons are the building blocks of polygon and subdiv objects in Maya. This topic shows how to build a single polygon using the Create Polygon Tool.


Step One

Using the Polygons menu set choose Mesh > Create Polygon Tool.

Step Two

In one of the orthographic views (Top, Side or Front), click multiple times to define the object vertices. Click in a counter-clockwise direction for the object to be face-up. If your object has four vertices, hit the Enter key once you have clicked the forth point to close the object. Do not add your last point on top of the first point.

Step Three

To build a polygon with square corners, consider using the Snap to Grid option while using the Create Polygon Tool.

Step Four

The Create Polygon Tool options allow you to create objects with a specific number of points if desired.

Polygons-vs-CV Curves

When you use the Create Polygon Tool, you click to define the object's vertices. Once you hit Enter, the polygon is closed and a face is added to the object. Objects created with the CV Curve Tool do not render in the scene until they are converted to a surface.


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