Creating a Tiled Texture

Creating a Tiled Texture

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Texture that Tiles in Maya



Tiled textures work well with repeating patterns. With a tiled texture you can create a small image file, then make it repeat several times across the object.

This makes the image file is considerably smaller than an image designed to cover the entire object.


Step One

Create a new project, set your project and save a new scene in the scenes folder. For more information, see topic, Starting a Project.

Step Two

In Photoshop create a 512 pixel x 512 pixel image. The image should have a pattern that is seamless going from the right to left edges and from the bottom to top edges.

Step Three

Save your image as a tif file in the project's sourceimages folder. Name the file tile.tif.

Step Four

Returning to Maya, add a polygon plane to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane (include options).

Step Five

Set the Width to 6, Height to 4, Width Divisions to 6 and Height Divisions to 4, then click Create.

Step Six

Right-click the plane and choose Assign New Material > Blinn.

Step Seven

In the Attribute Editor, click the checkerbox next to the Color slider, then right click the File icon (2D Section) and choose Create Texture.

Step Eight

In the Attribute Editor, File tab, click the Image Name folder icon to connect to your tile texture.

Step Nine

Click the plane object and open the UV Texture Editor by choosing Window > UV Texture Editor.

Step Ten

In the UV Texture Editor, choose Polygons > Normalize (include options).

Step Eleven

In the options dialog box, select Normalize: Each Face Separately, then click Apply and Close. The texture is applied to each of the object's polygons.

Step Twelve

Click the Render Current Frame icon to view your new texture. In our example we also added the same texture to the shader's bump channel.

Texture Sizes

A good rule of thumb is to use textures that are multiples of 128 pixels, such as 256, 512, 1024, etc. The default maximum texture size is 4096 pixels. This value is set in Maya > Preferences > Display Category.

Creating Textures that Tile in Photoshop

A quick way to create a 512 by 512 pixel texture that tiles is to use Filter > Other > Offset. Set the Undefined Areas to Wrap Around. The Offset for both Horizontal and Vertical should be set to 256 pixels. Fix any obvious middle seam lines with the Clone Stamp tool (s key).


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