Creating Nurbs Primitives

Creating Nurbs Primitives

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add a Nurbs Primitive in Maya



The Nurbs primitives are often used as the building blocks for your models. There are multiple ways to add a Nurbs shape to the workspaces and edit it. Using the Create menu you can add a sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, plane, torus, circle or square.

The circle and square are unique in that they don't include a surface. They are just curves that define the shape. They can be used to create Nurbs objects such as loft or extruded shapes.

The cube is also different in that it is comprised of six separate Nurbs objects, one for each face of the cube.


Step One

Add a Nurbs sphere primitive to the workspace by choosing Create > NURBS Primitive > Sphere (include options).

Step Two

In the sphere options you can set the sphere Radius and number of Sections and Spans.

Step Three

You can also set the sphere's Start Sweep and End Sweep Angle. Once you are satisfied with your settings press the Create button.

Step Four

Click the newly created sphere in the workspace and open the Channel Box.

Step Five

Click makeNurbSphere1 in the Inputs section to access the sphere settings.

Step Six

You can also add Nurbs primitives by clicking the Surfaces shelf tab, then click the desired shape icon.

Step Seven

To add a primitive from the shelf and view it's options, double-click the shape icon.

Step Eight

In addition to a sphere, you can also add a cube, cylinder, cone, plane, torus, circle or square.

Don't Forget the Attribute Editor

In addition to the Channel Box, you can also change your primitive settings in the Attribute Editor, makeNurb tab.

Interactive Creation

By default, Interactive Creation is enabled when creating primitives. If enabled, you will need to click once in the workspace, then click-drag to create your objects. To disable this feature, choose Create > Polygon Primitives > Interactive Creation.

Resetting Primitive Settings

Whenever you create a Nurbs Primitive, a new object is created based on the last time the tool was used. To reset the create primitive tool to the default values, open it's options and choose Edit > Reset Settings.