Deleting Unused Keyed Attributes

Deleting Unused Keyed Attributes

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Remove Keys in Maya



It is common to create animations that include several keyed attributes that remain static and don't change over time. This technique is used to remove any static keys before you render your movie. In this example we will deliberately add several static keys to the animation.


Step One

Add a soccer ball to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Soccer Ball.

Step Two

Select the ball and open the Channel Box.

Step Three

Click frame one of the Timeline and press the s key.

Step Four

Click frame 24 of the Timeline, enter 8 for Translate X in the Channel Box, the press Enter + Esc + s key.

Step Five

In the Channel Box,and notice how keys have been added for translate, rotate, scale and visibility. The only keys we need are the translate keys.

Step Six

Choose Edit > Delete All By Type > Static Channels and the excess keys are deleted.

Removing a Key from a Specific Attribute

If you need to remove a key from a specific attribute (i.e., color in a Blinn Shader), right click the word Color and choose Break Connection.


My Soccer Ball Looks Goofy when Rendered

If you notice that your soccer ball has an excessively rounded look at the joints, try this trick. Select the ball and open the Attribute Editor. In the pSolidShape tab open the Render Stats section and deselect Smooth Shading.


Deleting All Channel Box Keys

To delete all Translate, Rotate, Scale and Visibility keys for an object, select the object and choose Edit > Keys > Delete.