Drawing a Curve on an Object

Drawing a Curve on an Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Draw a Curve on an Object in Maya



Let's say you wanted to draw a line in 3D space that followed the contour of an object. By making the object live, the curve's Control Vertices stick to the object as you create your CV Curve.


Step One

Add a polygon sphere to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere.

Step Two

Select the sphere and choose Modify > Make Live. The object dims.

Step Three

Choose Create > CV Curve and set the Degree to 3 Cubic in the tool options.

Step Four

Click multiple times on the sphere and notice how the curve points follow the sphere. Press Enter to accept your curve.

Step Five

To turn off the Live feature, click the sphere and choose Modify > Make Not Live.

Will this Work with other Object Types?

Make Live works with Nurbs, Polygons, Smooth Mesh Objects and Construction Planes.

Make Live Icon

Another way to activate the Make Live feature is to click the Make Live icon. It is the last icon in the Snap To icon set at the top of the workspace.


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