Extruding Polygon Faces

Extruding Polygon Faces

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Geometry to Maya Polygon Object by Extruding Faces



Starting with a simple polygon object, you can extrude the faces to add more geometry. This technique is quite helpful in creating a basic structure that can be converted to a subdivision surface to create a smoother, more organic shape.


Step One

Add a polygon cube to the workspace. Set the x, y and z divisions to one. (Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube).

Step Two

Switch to the Component Mode and activate the Face Selection. To select the top face, click the center of the face.

Step Three

Using the Polygons menu set, choose Edit Mesh > Extrude. Notice the arrows and scale boxes now available.

Step Four

Click and drag the arrows (to move) or the scale boxes (to scale) the new geometry. Press g to accept the change and begin another extrusion. To exit, press the q key to return to the Select Tool.

Keeping Faces Together

The menu item, Edit Mesh > Keep Faces Together (Polygons Menu set) works along side the Extrude tool. If the menu item is not selected and you extrude several connected faces, the result is a series of non-connected faces. This might be great if you're extruding polygon faces that define a hand to create the fingers, yet for the most part it is best to leave this menu item with its default setting, which is checked.


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