Hide and Show Grid

Hide and Show Grid

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Show and Hide Grid in Maya



The Grid appears in all of the view ports by default. There may be times when you wish to temporarily turn the grid on or off. It can be activated with the Display menu, Grid icon in each of the view panels or with the Show menu.


Step One

Whenever you open a new document, the grid appears in each of the views.

Step Two

You can turn the grid on or off in all views by choosing Display > Grid.

Step Three

By choosing Display > Grid (include options) you can set the grid Size, Color and Display parameters.

Step Four

If you wish to disable the grid in a specific view, click the Grid icon for that view.

Step Five

You can also disable a view's grid by choosing Show, then deselect Grid.

Understanding Grid Size

In the Grid parameters, Size section, you can set the overall grid size. The default value is 12, which means 12 units from each axis or a 24 x 24 unit grid.

Can't Find the Grid?

As you open a new document, the grid setting is based on the last time Maya was open. If the grid was disabled, it is still disabled. To enable the grid, choose Display > Grid.

You can also activate the grid by opening the preferences panel and choosing Edit > Restore Default Settings.