Illustrator Object

Illustrator Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a 3D Object from Illustrator Artwork in Maya



Shapes created in Illustrator can be imported into Maya and used to create extruded 3D objects. This tutorial works with Maya 2012 and Illustrator CS5.


Step One

Create shape(s) in Adobe Illustrator. Since multiple objects will be merged into one during importing, you may want to export multiple objects one at a time by creating a separate document for each object.

Step Two

If you created text, select it and convert to outlines (Type > Create Outlines).

Step Three

To create objects with holes in Illustrator, start by creating a series of fill objects. The main object outline should be created first.

Step Four

Marquee select all the objects and choose Object > Group (Cmd/g (PC - Ctrl/g)).

Step Five

With the group selected, Choose Effect > Pathfinder > Subtract.

Step Six

Delete all guides. Save the Illustrator artwork by choosing File >Save As and choose Adobe Illustrator (ai) for format. Save the file in your Maya project data folder..

Step Seven

In the next dialog box choose Illustrator 3 for the version.

Step Eight

Returning to Maya, choose Create > Adobe (R) Illustrator (R) Object. Be sure to select the options box.

Step Nine

Select Bevel for type, adjust the Bevel value sliders and Extrusion slider. Also set the bevel style. Press the Create button to accept settings.

Step Ten

Navigate to the data folder where you saved your Illustrator document and choose Open.

Illustrator Versions Vary

These instructions were written for Maya 2012 and Illustrator CS5. To accomplish the same thing with earlier versions of Illustrator, it was necessary to choose File > Export instead of File > Save As to accomplish the same task.


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