Importing Objects from Another Scene

Importing Objects from Another Scene

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Import Objects from Another Maya Scene



A common way to build a complex scene is to create a series of scenes with individual objects. For instance you may have a street scene with three cars. The street scene could be one file and each of the cars could be created as a separate file. To assemble the scene, the cars are imported into the street scene.


Step One

Open a new Maya document, start a new project and set your new project. For more information, see topic, Starting a Project.

Step Two

Add a sphere and a spot light to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere and Create > Lights > Spot Light.

Step Three

Using the Move tool (w key) position the light so it illuminates the sphere. Use the t key to access the light's manipulator.

Step Four

Save your scene as Comp001 in the project's scenes folder.

Step Five

Open a new scene and add a polygon plane by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Plane.

Step Six

Save your scene as Comp000 in the project's scenes folder. This will be your host scene.

Step Seven

To import the sphere and light into your host scene, choose File > Import. Select Comp001 and click the Import button. The sphere and light are added to the host scene. The light and sphere are placed in the same xyz location as the original file.

How About Textures and Illustrator Objects

Textures and Illustrator objects added to the original file continue to be intact with your imported objects. Make sure that your original project was set prior to adding textures or Illustrator objects.

To simplify the process you could delete your Illustrator object's Construction History prior to importing. This is accomplished by selecting the object and choosing Edit > Delete by Type > History.


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