Layer Visibility and Locking Layers

Layer Visibility and Locking Layers

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Lock and Set Layer Visibility in Maya



Once you have your objects organized in layers, you can turn the visibility on an off for all the objects on the layer by clicking the Visibility icon. You can also lock all the objects on a layer to prevent them from being moved.


Step One

Open a scene with a pyramid and a sphere. Each object should be on it's own layer. For more information, see topic, Adding Objects to Layers.

Step Two

Click the left box on the sphere layer. The "V" disappears along with the object. This is the visibility icon.

Step Three

Click the box again and the object reappears.

Step Four

If you click the second layer box, it has three options, empty, T or R.

Step Five

The empty setting means Normal, T indicates a Template layer. Template layer objects display as ghosted. Objects on a template layer are visible in the workspace but do not appear when your scene is rendered.

Step Six

The R setting means Reference. It locks the layer contents once all the layer objects are deselected.

Step Seven

The final layer option box is used to access the Edit Layer dialog box.

Problems with the Icons?

Another way to toggle the layer settings is to right-click the layer name and choose Set Selected Layers, then choose Template, Reference, Visible, etc. career skills