Lens Flare

Lens Flare

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add a Lens Flare to a Light in Maya



Lens flare is caused by a bright light in the scene that bounces between the layers of glass within the camera lens. Maya includes an Optical FX node that can be connected to a light's color attribute.


Step One

Add a point light to the scene by choosing Create > Lights > Point Light.

Step Two

Select the light and open the Attribute Editor.

Step Three

Click the checkerbox next to the Color Slider. Click Glow in the Maya section, then click Optical FX.

Step Four

In the Attribute Editor, Optical FX tab, click the Lens Flare checkbox.

Step Five

Open the Lens Flare Attributes section and modify the Color, Intensity and Number of Circles.

Step Six

As you make your adjustments, render your image using the Maya Software render option.

Step Seven

Within the Optical FX panel you can modify your Glow, Halo, Lens Flare and Noise.

Lens Flare and Mental Ray

This effect works with Maya Software renders, not Mental Ray. Another option would be to render your animation as a series of iff files. The files are then brought into After Effects where you can add the Lens Flare Effect.


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