Manual Texture Layout

Manual Texture Layout

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Manually Create a UV Map in Maya



Manual UV layout is accomplished by selecting your object's faces one at a time. With one face selected, you then activate the Planner Mapping feature.


Step One

Add a polygon pyramid to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Pyramid (default settings).

Step Two

To view the object and UV Texture Editor at the same time, choose Panels > Saved Layouts > Persp/UV Texture Editor.

Step Three

Using the Scale tool (r key), make the pyramid taller.

Step Four

In the UV Texture Editor, notice that the layout differs from the actual polygons that define the object.

Step Five

Using the Select tool (q key), right-click the object in the workspace and choose Face.

Step Six

Click the front face to select it and choose Create UVs > Planner Mapping (include options) from the Polygon menu set.

Step Seven

In the options, select Best Plane and Keep Image Width/Height Ratio. Click Apply.

Step Eight

Repeat steps six and seven for each of the four remaining faces.

Step Nine

Right-click the object in the workspace and choose Object Mode. Click away from the pyramid, then click the pyramid to select it.

Step Ten

Choose Polygons > Layout from the UV Texture Editor menu items.

Step Eleven

In the UV Texture Editor all the faces look pretty good except the square base is too large. Right click the base and choose Face. Choose Tool > Move UV Shell tool, then click one of the base lines.

Step Twelve

Click the Scale tool (r key) and resize the base so it approximately matches the base edge of the side polys. You can press the w key and r key to toggle between the Move and Scale tools.

Step Thirteen

With the Select tool (w key), right-click the base and choose Edge. Click one of the base edges.

Step Fourteen

Choose Polygons > Move and Sew UV Edges.

Step Fifteen

Left-click the other three base edges one at a time and click the Move and Sew UV Edges icon for each of the remaining three edges.

Step Sixteen

Right-click the pyramid in the workspace and choose Object Mode. Click away from the object, then click the pyramid to select it.

Step Seventeen

Choose Polygons > Layout in the UV Texture Editor to center your new UV shell.

Taking a Layout Snapshot

To use your new layout in Photoshop, choose Polygons > UV Snapshot. Save your image as a tif or jpg. The snapshot is saved in the project's images folder by default.