Moving, Scaling and Rotating an Object

Moving, Scaling and Rotating an Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Move, Rotate and Scale Maya Object



Moving, scaling and rotating are essential Maya skills. Each operation occurs around the object's pivot point. For more information about pivot points, see topic, Moving Object's Pivot Point.


Step One

Add a polygon pyramid to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Pyramid.

Step Two

Select the object and choose the Move tool (w key). By clicking and dragging one of the arrows, the object's movement is constrained to one direction. You can also drag the center yellow box to move the object freely.

Step Three

With the object selected, click the Rotate tool (e key). Drag the orbit lines around the pyramid to rotate the object on a specific axis.

Step Four

Select the Scale tool (r key) , then click drag one of the four handles. Red is for x, Green is y and Blue scales in the z direction.

Step Five

Clicking and dragging the center cube uniformly scales the object.

Don't Forget the Channel Box

Another quick way to move, rotate and scale an object is the Channel Box. By entering values you can move, scale or rotate your object.

Essential Shortcuts

To access the Select, Move, Rotate and Scale tools, try these shortcuts.


q = Select tool

w = Move tool

e = Rotate tool

r = Scale tool


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